Below is a collection of links to sites and resources I find useful, as well as groups I think do great stuff. If you think you should be on it (or want to be taken off!), contact me and we’ll sort it out. I generally promote anarchist or anarchist-friendly sites and resources, and while I only add things I like, I don’t pretend to support everything they write. You get the idea. 😉

An Anarchist FAQ
Highly useful online FAQ that deals with all things anarchist.

The Anarchist Library
Amazing collection of anarchist books, essay and the likes.

Great resource with news, articles and documents relevant to libertarian communism and anarchism in general.

These anarchists have come a long way, and their website is full of inspiring and informative texts.

2 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. Hey SOA!

    Very nice site! I’m just putting together this blog and hope it’s ok that I posted your well done piece Colonialism, Imperialism and Animal Liberation. Please let me know if you want it removed. I’m beginning the blog with a scope of content defining the topics of interest. Soon I’ll add more opinion pieces of my own.

    1. Hi!

      Sorry for the delay, I have been away from the virtual world for a while. Thank you for the compliments! You are free to share the text(s) found here, I’m only happy if they interest others. Your site looks like it is off to a promising start!

      // C

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