Anarchy 101

Welcome to Anarchy 101! This is an introduction to anarchism, in several parts, which could serve as an easy way to get a first impression of what anarchism is. It might also, hopefully, serve as a different and interesting angle on the basics of anarchism for those already familiar with the subject.

Part 1: Introduction – What is anarchism?
We look at the very basics of what anarchism is and what it could be, and why it is in opposition to present day society.

Part 2: From Theory to Practice (Not yet available)
A closer investigation of the tactics of anarchism, both how anarchists have organized themselves historically and in the here and now

Part 3A: The Systems of Oppression – The State (Not yet available)
We delve into the specific oppressive systems that anarchists oppose, to understand why anarchists oppose them. First, we look at the state. What it is, and why it needs to be dismantled.

Part 3B: The Systems of Oppression – Capitalism (Not yet available)
We scrutinize our mode of production, capitalism, and analyse why it is detrimental not only for human well-being and individual autonomy, but also for our entire eco-system.

Part 3C: The Systems of Oppression – School (Not yet available)
The educational institutions of our society are usually considered as one of its most benevolent parts, but here we uncover why this is not true, and why we need to deschool society.

Part 3D: The Systems of Oppression – Racism (Not yet available)
We take a peek at the role that racism has played historically and in the present in order to subjugate individuals, justify various forms of exploitation, and divide and conquer populations.

Part 3E: The Systems of Oppression – Patriarchy (Not yet available)
An analysis of the role that patriarchal systems have played in order to undermine the position of women, as well as some aspects of the way in which society tries to force categorization and stereotypes regarding gender, sexual preferences and other things, thereby confining us all.

Part 3F: The Systems of Opression – Speciesism (Not yet available)
A critique of our relation to non-human animals, and how it is not only inconsistent with anarchist principles, but also enforces and synergizes with other forms of oppression.

… more to be decided.